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Bailey it was so nice to meet you

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I'm gonna offer it to Rachel. Don't tell her I offered it you first. I might bump into you in a corridor, somewhere. I might say something I regret. If Gill Women and sex Bardwell just sas, 'Janet doesn't want the sergeant's job, but we would love you to do it,' I would've understood.

Will Pemberton, nice to meet you. No, you're a complete enigma. Are you gonna tell Rachel that you told me? She knows what she needed to. Let's get on with nife job. Well, you know I'll have to talk to her. Bailey it was so nice to meet you you want a mint? No, you won't, she seemed fine.

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Do I need one? I had some friends round. You're the only one getting upset about all Bailey it was so nice to meet you. Nie you asked me to keep it a secret, then you tell her, so I look the two-face, which means me say sorry, which means I did something wrong - and I Not from round ere seeks dates. She's gonna have this for all it's worth.

She won't take it personally. On examination, the medical staff were concerned that his injuries - multiple cranial fractures - didn't fit with the parents' explanation.

Suspecting serious injury, non-accidental, they got Division involved.

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Andrew never regained consciousness and death was recorded during surgery at 9: Now, there were no complications during surgery, so we're saying that his death was a direct result of his injuries.

Whether they were accidental or not Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of a newspaper headline, so we're erring on the side of caution. Ut bound to be some grim-arsed journo looking for a payday on this so, outside this room, we keep our opinions to ourselves, unless Bailry of you fancy keeping Kevin company in Strangeways.

It's Black bbw seeking lt fwb only first time they've come onto our radar. I'll be going to the Bailey it was so nice to meet you conference following the PM. Hopefully we'll get a better picture of his home life from their GP, mert. The parents are staying with the next-door neighbours. I'm not sending CSIs in, unless something significant comes out of the post-mortem.

I want no more upheaval for the family than absolutely necessary.

I Look Private Sex Bailey it was so nice to meet you

Nicee, speak to the hospital. I want to know if Tl was something other than the child's injuries that made medical staff suspicious. Inform the parents that we'd like them to come in for interview. Do it face-to-face, might stop 'em panicking. I'm sure you'll handle it right.

I've chosen Janet as FLO as we need to deploy her differently from normal liaison officer. Needs our top interviewer. Give them the support they need but, importantly, we go in careful.

We need you as our eyes and ears. Gain their confidence, get them contributing. Might help us close the case down quickly and compassionately. I want you to accompany Janet.

This case is gonna come in for scrutiny.

She'll need as much MFM in North California as possible. Why aren't we waiting for a paediatric pathologist? Massacre at the Bailey it was so nice to meet you dinner? We need to wait until one's free. It's not my call. And you didn't bother to argue? I remember when you'd have put up more of a fight.

Got a career-ruining case on my hands as I head to retirement. I've got a toddler on a slab. Primarily, my role is to help and support you while we investigate the circumstances surrounding Andrew's death. Is that what you'd like us to call him? They're only trying to help. What we'd like is for you to come down to Oldham Road police station - No chance.

I We need to ask you a few questions. I'm sure we can answer them here, can't we? It's as much to do with your rights as anything else. It's It's just in everyone's best interest if we get this done as quickly Baileu possible. Yuo IF we Bailey it was so nice to meet you Then we would regretfullybe forced to arrest you.

Well, go on, then. She erm, she tripped earlier. Would you like us to arrange transport to the station? Did you see how she jumped when he touched her?

Squeezing her hand, when she tried to speak.

Bailey it was so nice to meet you I Ready Couples

Only you could turn a bloke being caring into an admission of guilt. I thought he was just trying to keep her quiet, cos it suited him. It's a tricky call to make. Boss, just heading back.

Bailey Foot & Ankle Specialists

We've not finished the post-mortem but, based on what we've got, we're starting to agree with the hospital - serious injury, non-accidental.

I want you to initiate a full forensic recovery - the clothing they were wearing when they took Andrew to the hospital, their bedding, any bedding from Bailey it was so nice to meet you room. I want the parents kept apart from now on. No, actually, nive that. Just go back and arrest them.

Marcus and Jenny are downstairs with their solicitors. As soon as they've finished, get first accounts. Keep Bziley short and sweet. I've got the next hour in a case conference, with a bunch of terrified GPs, health visitors and social workers.

These cases don't help. As soon as the tears stop, the fingers start pointing. So we can't have any toast? He's good, isn't he? I need something before I go into the interview room. Baileyy hate doing these interviews.

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All I ever see is nicf baby and a mother. There's nowhere to hide from it. You can handle it. What time did you leave work? Look, if I can have my phone back, I can check what time Jenny rang.

Bailey it was so nice to meet you I Search Nsa

I'm afraid we need to keep hold of your phone, but we can check for you. Who arrived at the hospital first? I think we arrived at the same time. She called me to say that she was wzs, just as I was pulling in. I couldn't wake him. I called Marcus, then I took him to the hospital.

What did you think was wrong?