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Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia I Wants Sexy Meeting

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Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia

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Waiting for some woman companionship---someone to hang out with now and then. Meeting getting to know you hello I'm seeking to date a female who is willing to get to know me. I like to have interesting, hangout, make ppl grin.

Age: 21
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Frank said, too, that "one time, somebody came to the door and I told him to get out. Frank initially denied either knowing of or condoning Davis' profession. But during questioning, he acknowledged that he was Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia that his lover was a working prostitute.

He said he subsequently allowed the male escort to use his house and car for almost 18 months after first having paid sex with him in April Frank also said that Davis accompanied him on several politically oriented functions and also helped to arrange a speaking engagement at a conference put on by the American Wets of School Administrators.

Davis said seking accompanied Mr. Frank to the White House in to witness President Reagan's signing of immigration and naturalization legislation. I got him a lawyer and I hired him [Davis] to work for me - no governmental money," Mr.

Capitol Police authorizing Davis, who also has been linked to Hot girl for sex free Elmhurst homosexual Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia ring now under investigation by federal authorities, to have access to the House garage as his driver.

Frank also said Davis played on his congressional softball team. Frank said he did not seeing federal income Mafewan or Social Security from Davis's salary. Describing his four years with Davis as "a sexual relationship that turned into a friendship," Mr. Frank said he also paid for the prostitute's court-ordered psychological counseling stemming from four felony convictions in Davis also was convicted in of cocaine distribution.

Frank said he wrote at least four letters to Alexandria probation officials on behalf of Davis. The letters had been obtained by The Times from Alexandria criminal records with a signed privacy waiver from Davis. In one of the letters, dated March 10,Mr. Frank told the Alexandria probation officer: Frank said it is his personal stationery. On two occasions the probation officer visited Davis at Mr.

Frank's Capitol Hill residence. Massaro - another Davis client who met Mr. Frank through the call boy - went to the congressman's house for one of the meetings with probation officials, both Davis and Mr.

Massaro told The Times. Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia said he was aware of the Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia with the probation officials but did not attend them. Massaro said Davis lived during this period in an apartment in the block of 25th Street NW. Frank's decision to write letters to the probation department. But Davis said Mr. Frank was constantly worried about the escort activities being discovered by the probation department, police and the news media.

Frank] didn't discourage it, Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia he was fully aware of the situation as it occurred," Davis said. Interviews with resident Housewives personals in Bostwick FL and an owner of one of the apartments at the 25th Street location confirmed that Davis had a rented apartment there and was running Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia male and female prostitution services from the dwelling.

One of those prostitution services called Saxons eventually was disbanded and Davis then opened his own services providing heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual sex-for-hire. Frank first responded to Davis's prostitution ad in The Washington Blade, he paid for one hour's worth of sex, Davis said. Frank] called and asked for Greg and he asked me Matewzn I was versatile [willing to assume either a male or female sex role]".

The two had sex at Mr. Frank's basement townhouse apartment in the early evening of April 1,Davis said. Frank, according to Davis, "said his picture had appeared in The Washington Blade. It was very, very abnormal to be told who he really was. I've been with priests and others in Matewaan office.

It was just kinda strange. Frank continued to purchase sex from him for several weeks and was provided discounted or free sex as their relationship grew. Davis also said that he later arranged discounted and free sex for Mr. Frank from other male prostitutes in return for use of the lawmaker's house to run the escort services. Frank said in an initial interview on Wednesday.

But yesterday the Massachusetts Democrat said he did remember discussing with Davis procurement of male prostitutes for himself. We talked about it. The congressman said he never knew such sexual services were being Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia to others at his house while he was at his congressional Discreet XXX Dating Nudes in Archbold Ohio or out of town.

Frank said, "I was emotionally vulnerable at that time. I guess I was still coming to terms with being gay. It was a difficult period. A1 August 25,Friday, Final Edition A male Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia convicted of drug trafficking and sex offenses against a minor used the Chevy Chase Elementary School in late to run his prostitution operation after the school's principal began buying sex from himan investigation by The Washington Times has revealed.

The call boy was allowed to sleep and use phones in the school even after the principal left at 5 p. The principal, Gabriel A. Massaroconceded in a two-hour interview with The Times Wednesday that he had a four-year relationship with the prostitute and provided him with a guidance counselor's office and telephone at the model "magnet school" even while children were in classes elsewhere in the building.

The year-old principal also confirmed that he told the school's custodian to give the prostitute - who told The Times that he has also worked for a homosexual Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia service now under investigation by federal authorities and the subject of earlier articles - unlimited access to the building.

Monster Dick Still Lookin

Their relationship Housewives looking nsa Ingomar Montana soured, Mr. Massaro said, in part because the prostitute used his credit card number without his permission to pay for Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia personal ad in The Washington Blade, a weekly newspaper of the homosexual community.

He may have done that, but I Weet not know Laides. Massaro's invitation "on a fairly regular basis" during October and November and that he regularly used drugs Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia the building during that time. Massaro "was very aware of what I was doing and what was going on" when he was at the upscale Montgomery County school, which enrols about children, aged 9 through 12, in the third through sixth grades.

I Searching Real Swingers Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia

Massaro also explained Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia him how to turn off the school's audio security system so his calls would not be overheard. Massaro confirmed that such listening devices were installed in the school ceilings but denied telling Davis how to have the security system turned off.

And then after 10 o'clock I would have a person who was used as the driver for the [escort] services pick me up at the school. He would pick me up about 10 p. On at least one occasion, Davis claimed to have performed homosexual sex with a client in the guidance counselor's office. The year-old man who came to the school to have sex with Pussy in Australia sc "was a regular client that I knew," the prostitute said.

In a joking sort of manner, he asked me if he was being set up. The client, after thinking about it for a couple of minutes, said, 'Well, it might be a kick.

In other words, it was a turn-on for him," Davis said. The Times has been unable to locate the customer to confirm Davis' Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia. The prostitute said that Mr. Massaro did not Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia "that I had met a client at the school.

I went along with it because it was a threat to the security of the [prostitution] service to have anybody come to the school. Massaro never knew that his driver went into the school or Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia the drug use in the building. Massaro said Davis came to the school several times a week during the two-month period in question. The principal's secretary, Peggy Monday, confirmed Davis's access to the school, but said she saw him no more than once a week.

Monday said that Mr. Massaro explained Davis' presence at the school by saying the man was a friend of his. Told that Davis had given The Times a detailed accounting of his call boy activities and criminal convictions, the principal conceded that he was aware of Davis' work as a prostitute. Massaro said he knew the prostitute was still on probation for felony drug and sex offenses and undergoing court-ordered psycho-sexual therapy when he allowed him to use the school's facilities.

A former school counselor, Mr. Massaro said he talked to Davis's sex therapist about his court-ordered treatment after the call boy's felony conviction in on four charges: Davis was convicted in of cocaine distribution. Asked if he authorized the escort free use of school phones, Mr.

Massaro responded, "Oh, yes. I don't think so. He also advertised homosexual escort services under Single women seeking real sex Jacksonville name "Male Ad" and services for bisexual threesomes under Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia name "Bi-Couples. In his interview with The Times, Mr.

Massaro, who is married, at first denied procuring sex from the male prostitute.

But as the interview continued, and a photograph of himself with Davis in the audience Laeies a telecast of the Dating text old women Donahue show, the principal said he had had Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia longtime, secret sexual liaison with Davis.

Massaro said about 30 minutes into the interview. But it was nothing, though. I mean it was. The friend, whom he declined to identify, gave Mr. Massaro the prostitute's telephone number listed in his escort advertisement in The Cheating wives in Canyondam CA Blade.

I don't want you to think I behaved this way with my son. I had a normal father-son relationship with my own son, John. Massaro's son died at age 19 in August of a viral infection resulting from drug abuse, the principal said.

Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia also gave the call boy gifts of clothing and restaurant outings, and the loan of his car when the principal went to the beach with his wife and daughter. After Davis lost his bank account, Mr. Massaro Lzdies for his trysts with checks made out to Davis's roommate, also the call boy's homosexual client and a social friend of the elementary principal, he said.

The sfeking has confirmed the arrangements. Both Davis and Mr. Massaro said the call boy was not only a sex partner to Laddies principal but also a family friend. Massaro Ladiees neither his wife nor daughter knew about his secret homosexual sex life.

Massaro acknowledged that he attended a meeting between Davis and his Alexandria probation officer at the Capitol Hill home of Rep. Barney Frank, Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia Democrat, another client whose home the call boy used to perform sexual services.

Frank] tried to help him through it [the probation]," the principal said. Frank's house] one Wesg and said, 'Hey, I'd like seeklng to meet with this person,' and he was trying to get off [probation].

I don't even remember all Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia details. I went as a friend of [Davis's] Seeking latino man for long distance could vouch for him as being the person who was trying to pull his life together.

When a client calls the answering service, they hear my voice, recorded by remote from a telephone using a series of code numbers.

I would call my own phone number and, through punching in a series of code buttons [on the telephone Matewsn I was able to obtain access to my own system, and I was able to obtain the messages from the system, and then erase Ladiez after I had recorded them into the appointment book," Davis said.

And at the time that I was at the school, I would check in every 15 minutes," he said. Massaro "instructed me on how to have the [school's audio] security system turned off seekig that the conversations would not be overheard [when he was conducting his prostitution business]. They [security listening devices] were in operation after 5 p. I would call in and tell them that I would be there until 10 p. The prostitute said he "never stayed overnight [at the school] or anything like that.

Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia

I would take a Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia there maybe - there was a couch there - because I was running Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia a lot from place to place at the time. Massaro said he helped Mr. Davis move from one apartment to another on several occasions during their relationship, and allowed the male escort to store his personal effects and furniture in the school's basement machine room in while he was looking for a new place to live.

His landlord found out that he was running a prostitution operation and kicked him out of the apartment, Davis said. Massaro said the relationship ultimately soured just over a year ago when Davis started stealing from him. He never returned it. He finally did return it. I sent him money and he Horny women in Greenfield, NH return it," the principal said.

Also, Davis used the principal's credit card number without permission to pay for his escort ads in The Washington Blade, Mr. A spokesman for the newspaper's publisher confirmed "a problem" that caused The Blade to cancel Davis's ads but would not elaborate.

I just never thought it through. I just thought I was helping somebody. Massaro said he told Davis, " 'Hey, you've got real problems and I can't help you. And I guess it was then that I really realized that he was a drug abuser. Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia said he "may have" smoked marijuana. He never used anything else, though, other than pot.

I don't think I ever knew that, until very recently. I don't Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia what it's like.

And we talked about that in trying to Geneva mature women off it and trying to help him get off it. Our lives just became very intertwined and I guess I felt as though I could save him.

Massaro soured because of a lack of "sensitivity" and "a lack of interest" on his part sexually towards the principal. Massaro characterized Davis's action in going public as "an effort to get back at me.

Horny women in Greenfield, NH He said he had a very interesting life, and one day we were going to sit down and write a book, and I guess that's what he's doing. Gobie wanted a sugar daddy, but Barney Frank turned out to be "Sweet'n Low" instead - "a sweet guy, low on cash.

That's what he called his congressional sex partner, Gobie said in exclusive interviews with The Washington Times. And I told him that. Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia he said, 'Hey, I'm only a congressman, I don't make a million dollars a year. Frank's housekeeper Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia driver.

Gobie insisted again as he has in previous interviews that he used the congressman's apartment as a base for a prostitution service - with Mr. One of his clients was Washington power broker and former Japanese lobbyist Craig J. Spencewho has been linked to the homosexual prostitution ring being investigated by federal authorities. Gobie also said he would willingly appear before the House ethics committee which is expected to investigate Mr.

Frank's relationship with the prostitute, "if my lawyer told me that it was in my best interest. Frank has acknowledged purchasing sexual services from Gobie after contacting him through an advertisement in The Washington Blade, a newspaper catering to the homosexual community.

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The congressman also has admitted knowing of Gobie's continued work as a prostitute while on Mr. Frank's personal payroll from mid to early and while Gobie continued to have unlimited access to his house in the block of Eighth Street SE.

Frank has denied knowledge of Gobie's operating a prostitution service Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia his house and has Beautiful woman wants hot sex Port Macquarie New South Wales the ethics Wesr in part out of fear that Gobie will embellish his story to improve the chances of selling it as a book.

The differing accounts in this unfolding story of a troubled month liaison between Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia of the House's leading liberals and the man Mr. Frank says pushed him into publicly acknowledging his homosexuality seem to capture the inherent contradictions in both of Virgginia lives.

Frank, a portly middle-aged Boston career politician when he Ladues Gobie, led the fight in the state legislature in the s for urban "combat Vifginia for prostitutes.

Calling the world's oldest profession "a victimless crime," Mr. Frank now says he was victimized by Gobie. The prostitute, in turn, a year-old hooker when Mr. Frank answered his ad for "hot bottom and large endowment," rejects being labeled homosexual or bisexual.

I Seeking Vip Sex Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia

Instead, he said he's a Lwdies who isn't good at Wesf sex. And then I realized that I was not going to make it as an escort, either for women or for men.

So I thought if I was going to Ladkes it at Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia, I would make it actually running escort services as a madam because I have a good sense for business. He was convicted at 17 for the felony sale and possession of cocaine in Fairfax County. Gobie was convicted on four felony counts Virgnia Gobie, whose professional name in the underground prostitute trade is "Greg Virtinia grew up the son of Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia Marine Corps master sergeant who was a budget analyst at the Pentagon.

He wanted to lock me Nude male housecleaner wanted my room for the rest of my life until I agreed to get a haircut," Gobie said. It was an unhappy boyhood marked by rebellion all the way, Gobie Seekng. He defied all his parents' moral values and teachings. She was five," Gobie said. My father came to me at the age of 14, I believe, the first time in the basement of my house to discuss sex with me, and I cut him off right away and I said, 'Dad, I probably know more than you do at this point.

I played for the school team. And I eseking brought my grades back up to an acceptable level," he said. That wasn't a goal of mine. If it had been, I would have. The serious run-ins with the law then began, court records show. InGobie was convicted of a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge in the District. Later that year, he Ladirs a five-year suspended Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia in Fairfax County for distribution of cocaine and served three years probation.

But it didn't work out. At Chowan, "I raised the roof Need a date for a cookout the place," he said. The prostitute said he hasn't seen his family, including two younger brothers and an older sister, since. By then, at age 21, he had decided to reject the family name and start a new life as a male escort. She was just a customer, a very elegant looking woman, a very attractive older woman. And she approached me and asked me if I wanted to have lunch with her.

She picked me up. I'll never do anything to hurt her in any way.

Then I went to her apartment. Ladids Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia me under her wing. I worked for her. She was a madam. She operated an underground escort operation of mostly females, but Shrooms and a big dick had a few select Virginix also.

She had extensive women clientele that she had a hard time finding suitable escorts for. It was very hard to find gentle young men. They very seldom care about aMtewan, personality, sense of humor, things like that," Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia said. Since becoming an escort, Gobie said he has personally serviced Mstewan than " women clients and "hundreds" of male clients, but Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia not be more specific.

Sometimes clients are willing to pay thousands of dollars for you not to use condoms. In that case, alarm bells would go off in my head, and those are the people that I wouldn't think of having sex without a condom no matter what the dollar figure was.

Frank in Apriland it Matewam clear that neither Gobie nor his sex partners were wearing condoms. Gobie entered the male escort world through Matfwan prominent free-lance photographer for sed Washington-area homosexual publications whom sreking was introduced to by his female madam friend.

The photographer "eventually got me involved in the modeling and escort work through the male scene" - including work for some of Washington's homosexual businesses and nightclubs, Gobie said. I was the first 'Mr. Rascals,' ' he said, referring to the prominent Dupont Circle homosexual bar Rascals.

Gobie said he also worked at some sweking the area's posh hotels as a concierge and front office manager as a legitimate "front" for his escort activities from to But the roof on his legitimate fronts caved in when he was convicted on Lqdies four felony charges in Alexandria in All but four months of his five-year prison sentence was suspended, and Gobie was placed on probation for three years, during which he was ordered to undergo psycho-sexual therapy at the Washington-based Human Sexuality Institute.

Frank, who allowed the prostitute to use his house and wrote to the Virginia probation department saying he had hired Gobie as a personal employee, Gobie claimed. Frank acknowledged writing Baconton GA bi horney housewifes letters but denied they were intended to mislead or deceive probation officials.

Spence, the once-powerful lobbyist who entertained and influenced Washington's elite, died Friday much as he had lived: Spence told several friends that the call-boy operation was being investigated by the U.

Attorney's Office and other federal authorities as a possible CIA front. He told the friends that the CIA used the service to compromise other federal intelligence officials and foreign diplomats.

Spence on Friday left his final enigma in the Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia of a suicide note. With Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia black felt-tip marker he had written, "Chief, consider this my resignation, effective immediately.

As you always said, you can't ask others to make a Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia if you are Virgiia ready to do the same. Spence was found by hotel employees Friday afternoon lying on his bed, fully clothed, with a telephone cradled in Wesf ear and a Walkman headset containing a cassette tape of Mozart's "A Little Night Music" around his neck, police detectives and other sources said.

Boston's medical examiner had made no official finding on the cause of death yesterday. Spence's body was being held by the medical examiner, who had performed an autopsy, while police tried to contact his survivors.

Found hidden in a false ceiling in the bathroom were seven small packets Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia Xanex, a prescription anti-depressant, with one pill removed, Detective Sgt. Also found were Mr. Spence's will and birth certificate. Spence was attired in the style he affected at his lavish dinner parties, according to the police report: Hotel maintenance workers had to saw through the door to enter the room.

The only other way into the room was through a fourth-floor window facing Virginis busy street. Spence may have attempted to save himself after taking an intentional overdose, according to police investigators.

It turned out he had checked in under an alias, C. Spence often said he admired. But on the bed near him when he died, according to two Boston detectives who handled the investigation, was a newspaper clipping detailing efforts by CIA Director William Webster to Mstewan legislation giving protection to CIA agents Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia upon to testify before government bodies.

Spence had been subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury in Washington probing his connections to a call-boy network suspected of committing credit-card violations, to late-night White House tours he arranged and the gift of a Rolex watch to a Secret Service officer who allegedly gave Mr.

Westt pieces of the Truman china Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia in return. But I'm not going to tell you those things, and somehow the world will carry on. But, despite the subpoena, Mr. Spence apparently Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia appeared before a grand jury.

During Matewqn past few weeks, Mr. One friend quoted him as saying, "Casey's boys are out to get me," an apparent reference to former CIA Director William Casey, now deceased. Spence were friends, and the former CIA director attended parties hosted by the former lobbyist. Spence had come to Boston several days before his death with frequent companion former Air Force Sgt.

Ron Paganelli and his dog, Winston, according to police investigators. He had Wdst at the hotel Nov. Spence told a hotel worker with whom he had become friendly that he was in town to meet with a former boss, one-time Massachusetts Speaker of the House John Davoren, police said.

But that meeting never occurred, they said. He spent much of his stay traveling in limousines to meet friends, police said. During a lengthy interview at a Manhattan apartment in August, Mr. Spence frequently alluded to deep mysteries. Spence, who once said he was "looking forward" to death, was found dead Friday Not your wife just nsa today 92201 his room at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Boston.

A11 Monday, Wooster OH hot wife 13, "The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated. Spence, two weeks ago at a Washington dinner party.

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Kathryn Bigelow Two Jacks dir. Bernard Rose Perfect Sense dir. David Mackenzie Natural Selection dir. Robbie Pickering The Wise Kids dir. Josh Trank The Innkeepers dir. Ti West Life of Pi dir. Ang Lee Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence In The House of God dir. Alex Gibney A Simple Life dir. Ann Hui A Royal Affair dir. Nikolaj Arcel End of Watch dir. Sang-Soo Hong Attenberg dir.

Athina Rachel Tsangari Alps dir. Baker Chicken with Plums dir. Colin Trevorrow The Amassador dir. Benedek Fliegauf Dark Shadows dir. Carol Morley Klown Klovn the Movie dir. The Perks of Being a Wallflower dir. Wladyslaw Pasikowski Museum Hours dir.

Jem Cohen Ruby Sparks dir. Benh Zeitlin How to Survive a Plague dir. David France The Hole dir. Joe Dante Game Change dir.

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Jay Roach Exit Elena dir. Nanni Moretti Red Hook Summer dir. Spike Lee The Loneliest Planet dir. Zal Batmanglij Tower dir. Kazik Radwanski Anna Karenina dir. Joe Wright Broken dir. Rufus Norris Keep the Lights On dir. Andrei Ujica Road to Nowhere dir. Monte Hellman Cosmopolis dir.

Turn Me On, Goddammit! Marialy Rivas Only Gerald MO sexy women Young dir. Ben Lewin Slut seeking ltr, Anna dir. Barnaby Southcombe A Cat in Paris dir. Paul Lacoste Lincoln dir. Steven Spielberg God Bless America dir. Ben Affleck Little White Lies dir. Guillaume Canet Side by Side dir. Christopher Kenneally Looper dir.

Lorene Scafaria The Other Son dir. Jay and Mark Duplass West of Memphis dir. The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay dir. Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia Potrykus Seven Psychopaths dir. Martin McDonagh Burning Man dir.

Jonathan Teplitzky Gregory Crewdson: Ben Shapiro Incision dir. David Koepp Silver Bullets dir. Barry Sonnenfeld Hitchcock dir. Sacha Gervasi The Paperboy dir. This is 40 dir. Judd Apatow Ted dir. Seth MacFarlene Frankenweenie dir. Tim Burton 17 Girls dir. Delphine Coulin and Muriel Coulin Helpless dir. Joss Whedon Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness dir. Joseph Dorman Alois Nebel dir. Sleepwalk with Me dir. Joshua Marston Only God Forgives dir.

Anne Fontaine Babycall The Monitor dir. Nicholas Stoller Return dir. Liza Johnson War Witch Rebelle dir. Todd Louiso Disconnect di. Marc Webb Brave dir. Rich Moore The Hunger Games dir. Gary Ross Nuit 1 dir. Manon Briand Entrance dir. Wei Ling Chang Lowlife dir. Martha Marcy May Marlene dir. Sean Durkin Without dir. Mark Jackson Margaret dir. Nicolas Winding Refn Incendies dir.

Denis Villeneuve Sleep Tight dir. Tomas Alfredson Breathless dir. Kelly Reichardt, Wendy and Lucy dir. Kelly Reichardt, Old Joy dir. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo dir. Niels Arden Oplev, Julia Leigh The Kid with the Bike dir. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne Play dir.

Steve McQueen The Artist dir. Michel Hazanavicius Trust dir. David Schwimmer Once Upon a time in Anatolia dir. Nuri Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia Ceylan Carancho dir.

Pablo Trapero A Dangerous Method dir. Souvenirs Sexy woman in clup in boise la Maison Close dir. Abbas Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia A Separation dir.

David Robert Mitchell Young Adult dir. Jason Reitman The Future dir.

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Miranda July The Tree of Life dir. Lisa Langseth Wuthering Heights dir. Andrea Arnold Tuesday, Sex line in Texas Christmas dir. Radu Muntean Project Nim dir. Soccer Stories - They contributed an episode of the series. Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia Game of Shadows International Man of Mystery Austin Powers: The Series — Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Danny Lux Strong Medicine They contributed an episode to the series.

Snuffy Walden Early Edition Providence Henry Jackman Captain America: The Winter Soldier Captain America: Civil War Alan Silvestri Avengers: Infinity War Avengers: Baseball Six Degrees of Separation I. Christophe Beck Red R. Insurgent The Divergent Series: Tangerine Dream composed the US version. Vangelis Blade Runner Christopher Drake Tusk Holidays They contributed a segment to the film. John Williams Alcoa Premiere - They collaborated on one of the episodes of the series.

Dawn of Justice The Rise of Cobra Billy Goldenberg Night Gallery They contribute the first few episodes. The Name Ladies seeking sex Matewan West Virginia the Game They contributed an episode to the series. Columbo They contribute an episode in the series. Lilley Who's Minding the Store? First Class Kingsman: The Secret Service Kingsman: The Golden Circle