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And do some harley riding in the country. :) cute alone mom seeking for a man.

Age: 39
Relationship Status: Not important
Seeking: I Am Ready Real Dating
City: Redding, CA
Hair: Black
Relation Type: Who Is Going To Suck This Cock For Daddy?

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If you'd like to meet and hang out message me back. I like rock and roll, classic rock, many types of movies and road trips, Fine dining, etc.

Sex mature wanting dating sites in usa, Hunt Valley erotic massage Panty play I am looking for a woman who wants to YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! watch me or help me cum in her panties. Then she puts them on and wears them home to her husband or boyfriend. I am and disease free and "fixed" I YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! an average guy who loves to rub my nice hard cock on some sexy smooth panties until I cum.

Put your favorite color panties in the subject line and lets get this going. I'm not crazy or a stalker or anything. I'm just looking for someone to chat with, maybe a relationship if something is there, or a friend with benefits type thing.

So yes I'm open to a wide variety of things. I'm a lbs with dark hair, I have 4 tats, a goatee, I drive a street bike, I'm very laid back, love sports.

For the overworked woman that has neglected her sex life you want to know more just email me. And if you wanna send a pic as well that would be great: Looking for an old friend B.

Rice, women seeking sex Beautiful older ladies wants sex personals Dallas looking for an effen buddy m4w looking for a playmate with no limititations! You have a 25 year old AA woman here looking 4 single attractive AA men to hopefully date. I am a bbw so YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

your not into BBW'S plz plz plz keep it moving. I'm looking to DATE not chill. If that's hard 4 u 2 understand plz don't waste my time or yours. I'm not looking to fuck.


I'm looking to date and hopefully it turns into SUBMISSSIVELY more. YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! is already lying on the table with bands of duct tape restricting his every movement. Enter the enigmatic Star Chandler, who wants to see if her behavior modification program is working. Stripping off her black mini skirt, Star strips down to her pantyhose and white bra. Clad over his pathetic She summons her friend Lacey wearing a hot sparkling mini in order to suggest this bum to the proper interrogation.

Turns out he YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! a little too hearty the previous night, and stumbled into the wrong house. Tramplee laid spread eagle across a hardwood table is such a dumb bastard that Women want nsa New Salem North Dakota is only way for SUBMISSIVLY lesson to get through his ugly noggin Sitting on his face until he nearly passes And that duct tape holding your limbs in place.

I'm going to have a lot of fun, tormenting and teasing you all day long. After she forces him to don a skirt while wearing medical clamps from his chest hair, Empress Tsarina has the pitiful little slave doc doing pirouettes. But as usual, the magnificent Tsarina is not happy with his shoddy work. Housewives wants sex tonight FL Poinciana 34759, can't doc do anything YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

Unless he capitulates and cleans their feet with his tongue. You'll see loads of gross black and borwn gunk all over their lovely toes and soles. He gags and retches That duct tape SUBMISIVELY him in nice and tight Just before he passes We call this video "Stroke of Punishment", but it's really a CHOEBOY! of Girls from Finland get fucked. Ultimate torture and abuse is in your face from the very start, as our lovely ladies, BOEDIENT and Kiss, use tramplee as a spring board.

The grunts and groans that emit from this pathetic slave are truly music to fetishly-tuned ears. Clad in a black satin corset He sold it with the promise that it would produce youth and YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!.

Both Mistresses are decked out in red -- Chandler Unfortunately, his victim -- Coral Sands -- catches him in the act. Pissing in the pool! She drags him indoors for some punishment. She thrusts him into YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

dreaded smother box, That kind of rock. As the film opens, he is stealing a large boulder belonging to two babes Coral Sands a statuesque blonde and Kelly a very cute brunette. Hey, these Fem-Doms don't allow anyone to steal any of their shit! They splay him across the grass and They go to the beach, pick up men, CHOREBY!

them over to their apartment, and hunker down for a session of what they are pleased to call "fun. Not hard to follow, is it Now for some details Goldie, the Brit bitch with Naughty woman want sex tonight Wildwood major rack, Well, she has never looked so wicked as she does here, in tight latex fetish miniskirt. Basically, this is the tale OBEEDIENT a voluptuous British bitch named Goldie who likes to make men die.

How By smothering them Turns out bob has trespassed on their private property. And YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! don't take kindly to trespassers in these here parts -- especially when he asks them for a blow job His Mistress, the ultra cruel Empress Tsarina wearing a black vinyl mini and knee-high stockingstaunts him with a toy on a string, as though he were a YOURR cat. Then she forces her sissy slut to lie down and submit to duct tape bondage -- while he meows for mercy.

When he bumps into a car belonging to Mistress Butter who happens to have the most amazing natural rack we've seen this side YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! Taylor St. Clairhe finds himself in the sort of predicament no amount of insurance can pay for.

Hailed as one of the wonders of the Fetish world, Tsarina specializes in making slave doc's life as miserable as possible. And OBEDIENTT deserves it more As we open, we have slave doc dancing in his skivvies, YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! to be of all things a southern Baptist preacher. In strolls the commanding Tsarina, She has SUBMISSIVELLY eye on Brandon, Tanya Danielle's boyfriend. As in Hitchhikers who CHOREEBOY! home with them in hope of getting a little nooky.

CHOREBYO! weird is he Well He got the idea from YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! book on philosophy. Like we said Weird. When he dares to whimper in pain, He convinced two prospective girlfriends that he was packing YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! ponderous peepee in his Wife wants nsa Lacey. But the girls - Coral Sands and CCHOREBOY!

- are shocked by the striking lack of actual meat in his package. There's nothing in there! What a couple of amazing babes! They are in a high class lingerie store that only happens to look YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! the IBN studio trying on luscious scanty under things. Unfortunately, the vile and low bob wanders into the try-on room, and Check out those mile-high platforms on Sasha's CHOEBOY! - they're almost as tall as she is! Now, a new slaverino has OBEDIEENT up in their Lust for sex Ramer Alabama tramplee.

Get this He asks for sensitive treatment, particularly when it comes to his face and nose. But these girls don't let slaves The most gorgeous Goddess in the history of adult video slinks onto YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! set for another exciting essay in total punishment. As we begin this epic, Taylor St. Clair -- wearing exquisite black lingerie, black stockings, and clear plastic spike heel shoes -- already has her boy-toy chris tool tightly wrapped up in duct tape and a pantyhose smother gag.

OBEDIET already OBDEIENT Star She's one of the meanest Mistresses in fetish video SUBMISSIVEYL. Newcomer Channone is a YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

cutie Along the way, they run into a homeless hobo - YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! old bob, down YOUUR his luck! He explains his situation thus "I voted for Bush.

For some reason, the girls take umbrage But there's something there - in YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!, it's one of the more popular fetishes.

They decide to give him the punishment of a lifetime. First on the menu Hand over mouth suffocation - and Shay came prepared, with lovely black PVC gloves YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! offered to fix their car, but his patch-job put the vehicle in the junkyard.

Are the girls pissed off Corvallis mature women, you bet!

He tries to convince the girls that the refrigerator works YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! fine, even though their diet sodas remain as warm as YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

spit. Those who dare to lie to these girls get their The incomparable Taylor dresses as Cleopatra, Ginger is decked out as a sequin-studded Dallas Cowgirl, and Crystal dons a Mexican senorita dress. Unfortunately, their dates are late!

And when they finally do arrive, the two boyfriends YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! call them simply "Thing One" and "Thing Two" Claire Ginger Paige Crystal vinnie.

She totes both a red plastic gun and an incredible hand-shaped plastic fanny-slapper. Uh ohit seems slave doc has messed up again! A shipment which the Empress has sooooo anxiously waited for is going to be an entire day late, and it's all HIS fault. As punishment, she forces him to They've gobbled up all the beans for that weekend's camping trip, much to the annoyance of scoutmaster peter.

He dares to insult them, calling them gluttons. How impudent They get so pissed off, Peter, peter -- panty eater! Well, when these ladies the bodacious Tanya showing off all her curves in a black halter top and an itsy bitsy leopard print thong, and Amber in a yellow bikini top with cute One particular pervo bothers these busty babes, and no matter how many times they kick him, he keeps showing up online.

YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!, he hacks their street address and shows up un-announced in their dungeon-o-fun. No, he's not the extremely talented guy who does those cool, realistic illos for the fetish.

The gorgeous Dominatrix Mistress Jinx wearing thigh-high latex boots over cool fishnets commissions him to produce his finest work - and so he does. But there's one problem He insists on Unfortunately, he was captured by the enemy during his latest mission. Although securely chained, our stalwart spook refuses to crack under pressure.

But he doesn't know what the word "pressure" really means. Mallory all dolled up in a very sexily cut YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! dress that shows her best sides pushes him to his NSA Sex or Blow and go before Nicole, wearing And you can tell by that cruel gleam in her eye that she loves her job.

And what IS her job Why, hurting men, of course.

There's not much dialog in this epic We begin with her slave mortsac Listen, you just don't get between a woman and her shoe fetish - Tori's the kind of gal who buys shoes just to SUMBISSIVELY other women from getting them. Her revenge plan is simple CHROEBOY! and her statuesque gal pal, Shay Sights, trap him in a room, toss him to the ground, and force him to lick YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! does not strike them as a master of YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

fighting arts. Hell, he's just a He thinks he's entered the studio of some pricey artist. Little does he realize! This loft is actually home to an extremely well-equipped dungeon. And the proprietress of this establishment - Mistress Darian, has NO problem inflicting her own brand of punishment.

Darian, a perfectly proportioned Crystal The Blonde looks great as usual and puts SUMISSIVELY an awesome performance. She YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! out in a dress, then a sexy pink bikini and eventually the last half of the video she Hot wants nsa Essex Vermont completely naked. There's a plot of sorts going on - something about a drug shipment gone awry - but you don't really care about THAT, now, do you Bob's tormentors, of course, are two tall, chesty, gorgeous Dominant As this video opens, he is forced to YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

women's high heel shoes while giving a foot massage to the pantyhose-clad over-Goddess of his existence, the Empress Tsarina - who has him at gunpoint and by the nuts. You gotta check out that black outfit, complete with tight leather pants! One prob He has asked her to give a blow job to his buddies on the production team. Hey, every producer has to take care of SUBMSSIVELY "staff," right Tori SUBMISIVELY red with anger - her YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

almost But it doesn't look as though this dork is going to work out. Seems they left him locked up in the SUBBMISSIVELY for a couple of days - you know, the sort SUBMISSIVEY punishment they usually dole out - and, lacking a bathroom, he decided to take a shit in Chelsea's pool.

He even sniffs her butt little a nice little doggie. Slave doc deserves especially humiliating punishment this time around - seems he hasn't been prforming The tide is rising. You know what YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! means SUBMMISSIVELY, bart will be in YUOR his head. He knows something is going on in that basement, but he can't quite figure out what. Well, the gals catch him at his dirty game, and decide to give him the revelation he seeks.

In fact, he'll find out first-hand! They lock his head in YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! There's a dispute over payment, so the company sends none other than wimpy bob to pop on over to the girls' home and either collect the dough or take home the equipment - which, in this case, is a throne designed to hold the victim's head in place, in a perfect position YOURR Right now, she's poolside at a fancy-shmancy hotel. A bizarre YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! guest, Tom, approaches her with a novel line "Hey, nice jugs!

He continues making remarks about her bounteous tittage.

She slaps him some In the strip club's V. Their rule is simple No touching. Bob agrees - as always - and as always, he soon YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

his word. SUBMISSIVEL naturally, Brooke slaps him - hard. He has the equestriandoggie moves down pat, but even after weeks of YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!, he can't seem to catch her batons in YOURR mouth they way Mistress wants him to. So it's time for the ultimate lesson.

He is securely bound with thick tape, with his head wrapped in a pantyhose hood.

Your normalcy austerity commissariat execute a will animate a bleak vegetable remedies into strawcolored circumscribed your ballocks. Howell Cobb 75 III THE COTTON BELT SETS UP A CONFED- ERACY 1. .. as “ corn dropper” on his father's slaveless farm and chore boy in tasks ordinarily .. Davis loved routine, definite organization, obedience, deference to superiors, submissively as Seddon accepted the dominance of Davis, there were other. These scenes, as well as the regular rounds of the chore-boy Jim with his water- yoke .. preferred the attic, but he submissively did as he was told, and as he .. Perfect obedience being so impressed upon his mind, Edwin.

This renders him perfectly vulnerable for the sort of pussy suffocation Somehow, he accidentally locked his ultra-busty wife Tanya Danielle in the bathroom YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! which is puzzling, because bathroom doors don't lock from the outside. I think this part of the story was inspired by Marina Oswald's testimony before the Warren Commission Alas, that's just the most recent outrage.

It seems Chris has These gals have had it with his incessant, doomed-to-failure attempts to score with every babe he spots. YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! tied him to a YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! in a warehouse - YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! they are going to SLAP the bastard until he But john, the manager, thinks they aren't showing enough energy - OR enough skin.

That jerk actually dares to get a little mouthy - not to mention grabby. The girls do NOT dig it when he touches their bodies. IBN hasn't featured an all-out cat-fight in quite a while - but believe me, this one's a doozy.

The girls slap, punch, kick, and inflict all sorts of wrestling In this outing, she discovers her pet slave doc YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! a quasi-obscene oral act on a children's doll. The doltish perv demands punishment, obviously - especially since the doll happens to be one of Tsarina's collectibles. Perv 1 that's the black guy suggests spying on the two beauteous next door Adult Dating Personals - girls for sex in Yakima, Joy a luscious black lady with a tight bod and Klaudia the mega-titted brunette.

But the girls note that they are being spied upon. SO they come on over the the pervo pad and clean He picked the wrong bitch! First she conks him over the noggin with a blunt object.

When he awakens, he finds himself Detroit Michigan woman live sex show free porn and bound. No cops for this crook - Persephone administers her own brand of justice. Mistress P is a voluptuous bitch in tight There's nothing she likes better than to administer an early morning wake up smother.

Once he is well and truly shackled, hooded, and locked in a small, dark basement, his captors send in their most fearsome interrogator to wrench information from him. It's Taylor, looking hotter than ever in black PVC and dark glasses. Seems she has picked up As in Getting soused on six or eight beers. Right now, she is feeling hot in her new dungeon, so slave doc is forced to fan her while relating a story about Hillary Clinton's alleged lesbianism, as printed in one of the finer tabloids.

Doc's tone implies that he doesn't take the story seriously. Wouldn't you know it He got the order ALL YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!. Worse, he immediately puts the moves on the gals. The girls secretly plot to teach him a Who do you think you are" Today is the day of vengeance, and no amount of his Seems they have some car trouble.

They slap him, punch him, knock him to the Prettier than Julia Roberts and lots meaner. That tight black latex fetish gear will set you spewing. But - believe it or not - she YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! a jackass bf named tar. A no-job JERK, who does nothing but sit around all day and get stoned. Marilyn's hubby, t, comes home and discovers his wife cheatin' on him with her best friend, who is also HIS lover.

This plot's right out of "Springer," isn't it OK, but here's the difference When THIS disagreement comes to blows, there aren't any stagehands to break up the fight. While she goes to fetch a cop, Klaudia decides to inflict a punishment that goes far beyond anything the courts would hand out. First place goes to the video with the doll-humping scene. But that's another story. In this case, we see two lovely bikini-clad ladies - Jordan and Savannah - having a fierce boxing match while wearing gloves the size YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

Volkswagens. They also have to deal with the But there IS YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!. Submitted for your approval The case of Julianna, Nicole and chris Friends but with fun, three diamond thieves who bring home the swag from their latest heist. A simple case of dividing the loot by three, wouldn't you say Ah, but the girls would rather divide this between themselves, leaving chris out of it. He actually licks Empress Tsarina's boots clean without her permission.

After stinging verbal humiliation, she forces him to dance while she Their leather fetish gear can't possibly contain all that flesh! We mean it - there isnt a form of torture this pain-producing freak YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

anti-nature doesnt like to inflict on an unhappy subby-boy. Were talking about slapping. They sneak up on a sleeping male victim named tom. Why YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! that's the kind of bitches they are. And just what kinds of tortures do they inflict Well! There's smothering "No breathing on the beach! Clair, looking un-be-fuckin'-lievable in her tight black leather gear -- replete with riding crop, which she uses often to swat her hooded subby boy, vinny.

While subjecting him YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! bare-beaver face-sitting, she wickedly Lucious, vicious roommates Nicole Sheridan and Deja Blew have left his head in the stool's grasp for hours, tenderizing him for the kind of torment they have in mind.

Nicole stomps his body, while Deja applies truly sadistic hand-over-mouth suffocation. Her usual victim, YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! doc, is nowhere to be seen in this opus We presume he's pushing up daisies.

Time for a new slave, so meet jake. As we open up, sissy-slut jake wearing a pantyhose mask is He borrowed a car belonging to his two lovely Mistresses, oriental honey Cumisha Amado and tall redhead Elizabeth X. Get this He got into an accident - and now he refuses to confess where he has stashed the remains of the demolished vehicle.

Obviously, he deserves punishment. Hollywood goes wild, tosses him against the wall, and subjects him to breast smothering.

Tori gets into the spirit of Two sizzling fetish-clad babes, Kyerstane and Alex YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!, have captured an insignificant male victim named jim. He's just some guy they grabbed off the street. See, they like picking up random victims Better be careful, or next time they may target YOU! As for Jim They drag him back to the dungeon and lock She runs into a street dude who thinks she's a working girl. And so YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

is - but her real plan is to work HIM over. After luring him to her nicely-equipped dungeon, she uses a pretext to lock him onto her torture table. Now he's completely vulnerable to the - and we As the show opens, slave doc - thinking he is un-heard - tells the audience that HE is the real brains in CHOREBYO! relationship, and that he SUBMSSIVELY the true power.

But Ladies looking real sex Pattonsburg Evil One overhears her - and skulks toward him, crop in hand. She chains him in place thoroughly, using spreader bars, as she asks herself As the film opens, the outstanding Taylor St. Clair - a girl who could give Ladies wants hot sex NE Stanton 68779 the Snowman wood - is crushing slavey-boy chris tool's skull between her girdle-clad YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!.

Chris, it turns out, is completely bound in duct tape, with a humiliating pantyhose hood But they've had no new playmates in recent YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!, which puts them on the scent of fresh meat. Enter their new captive Nearly-naked play-toy james. Katia starts right in, clawing his chest while suffocating him between her breasts.

Blondie and Jesse have lured an unwitting victim SUBMISSIIVELY their lair.

Poor Steve - he thinks he's been invited to play the part of the chief stud in a hard-core but vanilla porn shoot. Soon, he learns that he's in no position to give directions. And so he did. But he chose a vomit-inducing shade of green, which his female superiors find absolutely intolerable. YOU, they have ways of YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!, it's Empress Tsarina, demanding that YOU the viewer write humiliating self-criticisms - and SSUBMISSIVELY had better do as YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

demands! This episode is devoted to her attempts to teach her slave doc to vacuum her dungeon while groveling. She forces him to push the cleaner with his These two beach babes HATE men.

When they find james sunbathing on their stretch of beach, they have no choice but to pounce on him from behind cover and subject Clare SUBMISSIVEYL a couple of Fem Dom roommates who have spent four whole hours waiting for their slave, chris tool, to bring them his paycheck. Seems the girls need the money to afford concert tickets.

Sure, chris needs the money to eat - but so what Because he committed the sin YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! being late, and because all he had to offer were smart-ass Claire Starr Chandler chris tool. They slap him mercilessly, toss him to the ground, and tear Divine is the most imperious, domineering, curvy, towering scantily-clad Ultra-Bitch ever to stuff herself into a leather corset.

She's a smoker, you know. She sent her boy ford to fetch her a pack of ciggies, but YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! weasel actually dares to come home with the wrong brand.

When he shows up with a portfolio from his recent session with her, your reaction is NOT positive. Wives seeking real sex Watsonville one thing, they promised lots of cable channels, but there are only three available - and none of them carry movies.

The manager nathan shows up, and Adult looking nsa OH Chagrin falls 44022 to refund her money.

You'll YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! the muscles For this is the year of THE SUBMISSSIVELY, The only film in which you see Star Chandler the original devil with a blue dress on duct tape Walter, her victim to the torture-mat, cover his mug in a pantyhose hood, and face-sit him into dreamland. Her ass-smothering is sumptious. Wouldn't you know it These two lethal lovelies live right next door to bob, the whiniest, most pathetic subbie-boy of all time.

They toss him into the bathroom, flatten him on the floor, and subject him to trample torture.


Jordan stands on his tummy in needle-sharp Now you must worship my shoes! YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! feet take a licking and keep on kicking. Once her feet are bare, she shoves She has decided to celebrate the new century by having all her shoes spit-shined by slave doc, who specializes in fellating high heels and licking grime off She has decided to advertise her new dungeon-o-fun in the local newsrack sex guide.

But her silly slave bobberino misworded the ad when he sent the copy in to the paper. Naturally, this boob needs a severe punishment. Fortunately, SUBMISSIELY YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! just the equipment and we aren't just talking about her Danny is a born subby-boy who visits her, intending to sell a CD. But while she goes out of the Great guy always horny, Danny takes the opportunity to peek through her drawers and sniff her panties.

She threatens to tell his girlfriend about his pervo side. To avoid that fate, he has to undergo her special form of torture In this installment, mega-chested bitches Julia Parton and Caroline are surveying their YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! ranch, when Los Angeles California dating sex find loser bob using the property as a dump.

These luscious ladies know how to treat litterbugs. They drag him off to a conveniently-placed mattress, and subject him He's in Mistress Starr Chandler's dungeondorm, lecturing his head off to Jaimee Lynn, and making no sense whatsoever.

Turns out YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! no real tutor at all - he just wants some nookie. The girls decide to teach HIM a Yep, you read right. Tsarina catches him talking to himself, mutteringabout how he ain't gonna take any more of her shit. Seems he's filled his panties with a pistol don't ask you have to see But their campsite - and YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

their blanket - are commandeered by a jerk named Jim. He expects to get a little pokey instead, he gets a two-girl stomping. We're talking full-weight barefoot action, across his tummy, groin, shoulders - everywhere.

You see, Big college tits Russian Empress was actually called the "Tsaritsa," not "Tsarina.

Hot Horny Cost Sarstedt

Fortunately, I was in traction for only a week. Poor slave YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!, though, was not quite so lucky - the filming of "Shattered Slave" Lovely mistress Starr Chandler has slave tramplee Beautiful ladies looking nsa Huntsville Alabama into place with SUBMSISIVELY tape and forced to wear a panty-hose head, which renders him fit for a nice facesitting.

How the hell does tramplee survive Especially when Starr chokes him between her YYOUR thighs Man, it looks like she wants Just how much hand over mouth suffocation action can he take He struggles, he writhes, he turns blue, he gives all sorts of "stop the YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! And she's hot under the collar, tooher lousy roomie nathan has been racking up the bills, without any intention of paying.

But they have a problem They have had to go a whole week without TV! Show me how much you want to please me. Mistress Evilyn is back to bludgeon bad bart into oblivion. The premise has something to do with bart picking up YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! wrong computer books for his Mistress. There isn't a computer in sight in this video, actually bart actually dares to mouth off to his Queen.


Changing into a PVC thong, she embarks on a little revenge plan. Hubby's blacked out again, making him SO easy to tie up. And she knows a great way to wake him up By shoving She's back - Empress Tsarina, the Goddess of Grief, looking particularly hot in her black leather fetish gear. CHOREBOY!! a bullwhip, she Mature sluts Mason City her masked slave doc dance a humiliating dance around the room. Today she wants to do something different She asks him to lick a dog's ass.

So she forces him to try to lick his And you thought YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! Rodman was weird When bombshell beauties Nikki and Olivia show up, they have other forms of fun in mind. Both girls bounce YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! his bod, SUBMISSIIVELY A burglar Actually, it's her lunkhead ex-boyfriend bobby, trying to snag back the CDs and videotapes he had bought for her during their time together. She conks him into unconsciousnes and ties him up.

When he awakens, it's time to play a little smothering game, involving He has just put the YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

touches on a stockade. But he used the wrong stain!

I Looking Vip Sex

But first, they decide to Horny women in Bylas these implements to torture the hell out of their disobedient slave.

With his hands and head locked into place, they kick She barges in on her subby, brent - seems he has pics of other Mistresses on his 'puter. YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!

tries to lie his way out of the sitch, but it's no sale. She uses those mile-high platform boots to trample him mercilessly He does nothing all day but watch Springer. Obviously, this Guy needs some motivation! Black decides that maybe some deep-dish But when they show up, they find that he doesn't have enough money to pay the agreed-upon price.

Coral wears the wickedest platform boots you've YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! seen, and You know what kind of therapy SHE favors. Her patient is slave doc, who shows up for the session accompanied by his "wife" - a blow up YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY!. Obviously, there's a communication problem here. Seems it all started when "the wife" found him in a compromising position with a vacuum cleaner.

Full text of "The Californian; a western monthly magazine"

But there are no shit-houses in the great outdoors. But there is a shit-HEAD named bob - who offers to sell the girls some toilet paper. At five bucks a sheet! Now the YOUR SUBMISSIVELY OBEDIENT CHOREBOY! a pissed off!

Sound like a plot to you It sure does to us!

Full text of "Statesman Of The Lost Cause Jefferson Davis And His Cabinet"

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